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What is the value of a human life? On a sunny day, probably $63,000 per year.

Your Photon Inheritance (PDF Download)


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How green is your supplier score card?

How green is your supplier score card?

Interactive time line:

Interactive time line

USC Cancer Statistics

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Drought tolerant UC Verde buffalo grass

Bio diesel, practical and safe

Astopower 165w modules x 18 each, two groups of 9 in parallel for 220v DC

5 year approximate output totals:

40 MWh Power
55,000 lbs of CO2 avoided
2500 gallons of gas displaced
3500 trees replaced

PV array

One year ago PVPowered provide warranty replacement of my Photovoltaic Inverter. PVPowered generously provided a free Web Monitoring of Stats (via home DSL) and $200 cash for the inconvenience.

Air = exhaust from cars. Exhaust = Biodiesel. Here are some analytics on biodiesel:

B100 produced from soybean oil reduces life cycle CO2 emissions by 78% compared to petroleum diesel. In the video below you will see some testing on a B90 blend made from recycled cooking oil from Bay Area restaurants:

Earth + Water = grass. Grass:

We are in the final stages of replacing the remainder of our traditional lawn with a hybrid drought tolerant variety developed for our climate by UC Davis. UC Verde Buffalo Grass grows a 6 to 8 foot root system. This grass with it’s extensive root system needs very little water and is designed to live on fog and humidity. Rain water in the winter actually turns the grass orange color in the winter indicating: too much water!

UC Verde Buffalo Grass earth preperation

UC Verde Buffalo Grass

Total costs:

PV array: $14,500.00 USD

Used VW Golf Diesel (runs on biodiesel), no modifications: $9000.00 USD

UC Verde Buffalo Grass: $250.00  USD

Combined total cost still $10,000.00 USD less than a BMW 128 Convertible

Visit the Linux Powered Outer Space Ultra Light Rocking Chair:

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