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How green is your supplier score card?

How green is your supplier score card?

Interactive time line:

Interactive time line available at:
Podcast available at

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Report phishing attempts. Here’s how (PDF Guide)

Gone Phishing?

Gone Phishing?

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Circle of Linux

Circle of Linux

My Linux Journey

My Linux Journey

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Weezy and the Elastic Cloud

Weezy and the Elastic Cloud

A use case for the Raspberry Pi and the Amazon Cloud. Two tech essays by Greg Rank and Barry Blackburn

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Satisfying the worlds energy needs using only wind. A two minute podcast from


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Is it possible to predict the next big consumer electronics trend?


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Molasses on the table

A family out for a swim

A family out for a swim

Two minute podcast from Molasses as plastic and a solar war.

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Popular keywords 2011

2011 WordPress dash board

2011 WordPress dash board

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Tweet A minus Tweet B equals “cute”

Greg’s Q2 2011 Photovoltaic Summary:

In the June 2011 edition of Wired Magazine, Mr. Bill Gates is quoted saying: “….installing solar panels on your roof is doing nothing to reduce CO2 emissions. It’s merely cute.” March 2012 Mr Gates says Solar and new battery technology will go viral soon. Make up your mind Bill! Enter a 3KW Photovoltaic Power roof top electric generating system. Below are statistics from my 3KW PV power generating system. (past 90 days):

Total Power Generated: 1.367 MWh

Greg’s Solar Array

*CO2 saved: 1951 lbs

*Trees Saved: 118

*Gas Displaced: 99 gal

*Source: PVPowered Bend, Oregon USA

One million roof tops with a 3Kw PV generator would save 118 million trees, displace 99 million gallons of gas or save 1,951,000,000 (almost two billion lbs of CO2) quarterly. “Cute indeed.”

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The opportunity to bet on an embarrassment, solar podcast and …

The opportunity to bet on an embarrassment

Making a movie with family and friends has unintended consequences. After enjoying my movie premiere a few years ago, I used a free Withoutabox promotion to submit my original movie short, “Elliot’s War”, to a film festival and also get a free listing on IMDB.

Dave Fichman has a masters degree in US History and teaches high school history. He also plays Commander Silk of the USAF in the original movie short, “Elliot’s War”.

One of Dave’s tools for building rapport with high school students is a method he calls, “the opportunity to bet on an embarassment.”  It’s like a dare; if you think someone is lying to you, you can bet on it, with consequences (i.e.  embarrassment if you are wrong).

Dave told a student that he was listed as an actor on IMDB. The student did not believe him. So Dave offered the student an opportunity to bet on it, for an embarassment. His student took the challenge (voluntarily) and lost. The student’s consequence:  Sing “The Good Ship Lollipop” in the outdoor quad with all the hand gestures a la Shirley Temple, in front of the entire student body at lunch time.

Commander Silk

Commander Silk – “Elliot’s War”

In other news:

The OSULRC-1 completed its one year journey through the social media landscape; our accidental data analyst is mining the information gathered for a future white paper (perhaps Q2 or Q3 summary).

Removing Windows Defender Virus from a Windows Computer:

This little gem of a virus hides all user folders and programs (and edits your registry), causing one to think all of your data is gone (but it’s not).

To remove the Windows Defender Virus, watch this video:

Once you  locate all files from the virus (second half of the above video), boot off of latest ISO of PuppyLinux to find and delete hidden virus files from their location on your computer. Download and run  unhide.exe to re-set all folders and programs from hidden to visible.

To make desktop icons reappear:

Type “regedit” or “regedit.exe” into the dialog box. Press “Enter” or click “OK.”

Navigate through “HKEY_CURRENT_USER,” “Software,” “Microsoft,” “Windows,” “CurrentVersion” and “Policies.”  Click “Explorer.” Double-click the value “NoDesktop” from the right pane.

Change the value to “0.” Click “OK” – Reboot.

Windblows needs a condom, I use: Malwarebytes.

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